Block A5 includes a shellacked stick from Lee County given as a Mother�s Day gift
Block A6 includes a fossil from Boone County.
Block A8 includes a rock and a charm that belonged to the honoree, Peg Newton Smith
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A 4H camper shows off her donation to pARTy for Peg

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pARTy for Peg’s larger-than-life square dancers are anchored in pedestals, faced with concrete blocks embedded with found objects from all 75 Arkansas counties. Each object has a history--or a story--of a person, place or memory. It might be a brick from the original town post office, a stone collected from a favorite swimming hole, an Arkansas-shaped rock (there are two!)--but each has a story to tell and the stories are collected here.

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Find objects from your county, or ones given by you or a friend. Or just explore!

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